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Birthday parties at BCM feature the choice of having an experiment or activity that the children all participate. These experiments and activities promote S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and, Math) learning while aimed at promoting family fun through an interactive environment where children thrive and get excited about learning. 


In addition to the following list, there are additional “add-ons” that have packages based by theme or subject matter. The ages given are a recommendation but not a requirement.


Each activity is estimated to take anywhere from 8 minutes to 15 minutes depending on the age of the children and the interest of the children to the topic. Some parents choose an activity that takes less time to allow for more free time in the museum areas. We also have customized activities based on the child’s interest and party themes. If you have questions, please call the museum for additional customized opportunities.

Bubble Wall: (recommended for ages 2-4) 

  • This experiment is sciencebased but includes LOTS of fun. The bubble wall creates a 3 foot by 3-foot bubble wall that allows the children and guests to take turns blowing large mesmerizing bubbles. 

Fun with Bubbles: (recommended for ages 3+)

  • This experiment is sciencebased and a favorite among children. Fun with bubbles starts with the bubble wall, but also includes a second part where the children are each given a cup with a straw and bubbles and they get to blow a mountain of bubbles in a tray. 

Photo Feb 08, 10 54 31 AM.jpg
2018-06-10 16.28.20.jpg

Balloon Rockets: (recommended for ages 2-4)

  • This experiment is science and engineering based. During this experiment children learn the basics air pressure lesson in a fun way. String is run through a straw which is tied between two chairs. A balloon is attached to the straw and children launch their balloon rockets down the runway string.


Lava Lamp Magic: (recommended for ages 2-8) **

  • This experiment is art and science based. Each child will get to create and take home their own lava lamp.  These lava lamps are made with basic household materials and create a lot of joy for children.


Sensory Bottles: (recommended for ages 2-8) **

  • This experiment is science and art based. Children get to make their own sensory bottle using a variety of supplies. 

Mix-it-up: (recommended for ages 2-6)

  • This activity is art based. A staff member will read Mix it Up by Hervé Tullet, a very interactive book that teaches about mixing primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) into the secondary colors. After reading the book the children are each given a piece of paper, primary colored tempura paint, and either a brush or they can finger paint if requested by the parents. The party will also get to hand decorate a large Birthday image for the birthday child to take home.

Water Beads: (recommended for ages 3-6) **

  • This experiment is science based. Water beads are very tactile and allow children to scoop, sort, count, and simply play. Children will be given a baggie to take some of the water beads home with them if they desire.


How Clouds Make Rain: (recommended ages 3-8)

  • This experiment is science based. This experiment teaches about the water cycle in an interactive way. Each child is given a simulation cloud in a cup with ‘rain’ to pour on their cloud and watch it fall through the cloud and drip down through the ‘air’. This birthday experiment also includes a scientific demonstration of a cloud in a jar that a staff member performs for the children in the party room.


Film Rockets: (recommended ages 3-8)

  • This experiment is science and engineering based. For our future rocket scientists, we have the fun of film rockets. Using film canisters, water, and Alka Seltzer each child is allowed to launch their own rocket. If weather allows this experiment is actually performed outside due to how high the rockets can launch. 


Cup Construction: (recommended ages 3-9)

  • This birthday experiment is engineering based. The children will get to learn about how strong different shapes are by stacking books onto different shaped paper columns, until they get squished. Afterwards the children are given a number of cups to work individually or in groups to build a cup building or tower which they then get to knock down with a big burst of air.

Exploding Rainbows: (recommended ages 3-8)

  • This experiment is science and art based. In a tray is a cup of baking soda surrounded by 4 cups of colored vinegar and dish soap, and each child gets to take one of the cups and poor it on to the baking soda to make each color appear. It is a fun and flashy experiment. 

Photo Sep 24, 10 21 41 AM.png

Balloon Flinkers: (recommended ages 6-10)

  • This experiment is science and engineering based. In this experiment children will learn about neutral buoyancy while playing with a helium balloon. Working in pairs, children are given a helium balloon that has a cup dangling from it.  They are then asked to take some random objects that are provided and try to make the balloon ‘flink’ meaning to float and sink at the same time. 

The Dot: (recommended ages 6-9)

  • This experiment is art based. A staff member reads the book The Dot, which teaches about how art can be made using something as simple as dots. The children are given supplies after the story to design their own art starting with a DOT.  The party will also get to hand decorate a large Birthday image for the birthday child to take home.

Photo Sep 24, 10 20 15 AM.png


Birthday parties have the option to have a themed experiment party where they do more complex S.T.E.A.M experiments:


  • Slippery Slime $20

    • Each child will get to make their own slime to take home as a party favor.

  • Frozen Fun $50

    • Ice Queen Sing-A-Long

    • Make Your Own Snow

    • Boo Bubbles

  • Kid’s Super Science Lab $40

    • Slippery Slime

    • Alka Seltzer Rockets

    • Mentos Geyser

  • Picasso’s Place $30

    • Spin Art Creations

    • Texture Art 

  • Imagineering $30

    • Building Crazy Catapults

    • Lego Inventions 

  • Space Explorers $50 (ages 5 & up)

    • Star Lab

    • Galaxy Slime
      *Only available on Sundays

  • Robotics $50 (ages 3 & up) - one of the following based on age

    • Maze Challenge

    • Lego Wedos

    • Sphero Fun
      *Only available on Sundays

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