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These classroom kits & lessons allow classrooms to enjoy the teachings of BCM without leaving their desk or home computer. Our new Classroom Kits allow each student to receive STEAM based learning through hands-on activities. Each kit and lesson has been carefully chosen to address multiple Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills criteria. We want to build off of the information the students are learning in the classroom and bring that material to life through tactile lessons.  

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Types of Kits

We are excited to partner with The Foundation of Southeast Texas, T-Mobile Metro, and BASF to bring hands-on S.T.E.A.M. based lessons to all 2nd-grade students at Port Arthur ISD and Beaumont ISD this Fall (2020). We plan to roll these out to be available to all interested schools in the Spring of 2021.


This lesson focuses on flight and how the design of a helicopter will improve the aerodynamic function. Students explore the forces that impact flight and design, build, and test their own helicopter out of simple materials that can fly at least 8 feet in the air.

CREATING CIRCUITS: Circuits vs Insulators

This lesson teaches students about conductors, insulators, and circuits through a variety of hands-on activities. Students explore circuits by using battery packs, LED diodes, Play-Doh, and a unique insulating dough.

BASF's KIDS' LAB: Playful Polymers

This lesson teaches students about the different states of matter, how a polymer is formed, and lab safety through a variety of hands-on activities.

Teachers: Classroom Kit Videos Here

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