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Museum Without Walls:

BCM's Learning Outreach Program

Beaumont Children's Museum supports multiple outreach programs that bring different educational components into the classroom or community.  

You can schedule a Museum Without Walls visit to come to your classroom, library, or other educational facilities by calling our office 409.347.7919  or email

Outreach cost depends on the length of the Outreach visit, the activity/activities provided, and other factors. 


Stuffee is a one of a kind health ambassador, under license from Beaumont Children's Museum. Children in PreK through grade 5 can learn the functions of the human body, the importance of eating healthy and fitness. Stuffee is a 7' foot tall "doll" with a giant zipper down the front that when unzipped his internal organs come into view and under supervision children can view and hold colorful soft reproductions of the hearts, lungs, intestines, and more!

Science Superstars

The Science Superstars program will provide mind building and science-focused activities to the children that come to the Beaumont Children's Museum and in the community at outreach events. These engaging activities will spark excitement in the children to get them excited about learning more in the science and physics fields. 

The late Michael Hoke served on the Beaumont Children's Museum Board of Directors and created Science Superstars. His Science Superstars dream started in 1994 during his teaching years at West Orange Middle School. He was a true believer that learning should be a true adventure! Science Superstars is a program that takes student participates and creates growing leaders, mentors, and future educators of science. 

Emerald Planetarium

The Emerald Planetarium is an inflatable and portable planetarium dome that projects the entirety of our solar system. This piece allows children to view the night sky at any time of day. This outreach is for children 1st grade and older. 

*This Planetarium is BIG and you must have an indoor space large enough to set up in order to do this Outreach.


Choose 1-3 (depending on group size and length of visit) of our Earth and Space Science themed NISE Kits to make your Outreach visit really out of this world!

Photo Jan 20, 1 16 33 PM.heic
Photo Jan 20, 1 08 46 PM.heic

Our Museum Without Walls program is not limited to the options listed above! We will do our best to work with you to adapt to whatever subject and experiment type you are looking for.  If none of the programs above meet your requirements, please contact us to discuss other options!

(409) 347-7919 or

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