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At BCM we know about the importance of a clean and safe environment. Here are some things we do that help us achieve this. 

  • Volunteers and Workers take care of picking up throughout the day to ensure a safe environment.

  • A disinfectant is used in the morning each day.

  • Vacuuming takes place every evening and when needed.

  • Steam cleaning the carpet takes place when needed.

  • Every evening we have a cleaning service to complete additional cleaning.

  • Toys that can go through the dishwasher are sanitized multiple times a week in addition to being disinfected every day.

  • There are cameras at the front desk and throughout the museum to monitor the children.

  • A minimum of one adult must accompany child(ren) while visiting in BCM. 

​​Where can I park?

Parking is conveniently located next to the Beaumont Children's Museum in the NORTH parking lot of the Civic Center free of charge. Metered and free parking are also available around the neighboring streets. Please do not park in a no parking zone.

What can my family do at the Beaumont Children's Museum?

Along with interactive exhibits throughout the Museum, the Museum also offers many programs throughout the week and during the summer. Please check out our upcoming events to plan your next visit. For more details on the permanent exhibits at our museum click here.


​​What ages does your Museum program for?

The Beaumont Children's Museum has been designed for any person that has a sense of wonder, but it specifically targets children 13 and younger through exhibits and programming.

How much time do families spend at the Museum?

Families spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours at BCM depending on the energy level of the children and the adults. There are plenty of activities and programs to keep families engaged all day long.

​​Can I drop off my kid for the day and leave, or do I have to be with my child all the time?

All children must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older.  Any child on its own will be escorted to the front to remain there until a parent or caretaker is located. The child will also not be allowed to leave the Museum until a parent or caretaker is located.

​​May adults come to the Museum without kids?

Keeping our children safe is our number one priority. All adults must be accompanied by a child. Private events for adult audiences are exceptions. If you're an adult without a child interested in visiting the Museum during regular business hours, you may schedule an appointment with our staff to receive a tour. 

​​When can I avoid crowds?

Arrive early when we open at 9 a.m. to avoid large crowds any day. Many of the exhibits are popular and are used more frequently like our Tot Spot. This area is typically busier in the mornings, but this is an excellent time for your child to interact with other children, and for parents to socialize with each other. During the school year, a visit after about 1:30 p.m. may avoid some school tours. Special events throughout the year draw more visitors to the museum. Some large events also occupy the whole civic center or outside parking area. 

​​What should we wear on a visit to the museum?

We’re action-packed, so dress comfortably. Shoes must be worn at all times with the exception of the Tot Spot area. We suggest only wearing closed-toed shoes (no Crocs, flip-flops, or bare feet) especially if you are coming for an event or camp.

​​May I bring my dog to the Museum?

BCM loves pets, just not inside the Museum. Service animals are permitted.

​​Can we bring outside food into the museum? Is food available?

Food is not available on-site and we do not allow any food in the museum. If you are planning to host a birthday party or another private event, you may bring outside food into our party rooms.

​​Do you provide special needs tours?

Beaumont Children's Museum serves families with children who have disabilities. Exhibits are user friendly for infants through 13 years of age in functioning abilities. The museum hosts Spindletop Center, Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) program on Mondays. In addition, the museum offers educational group programs to all children PreK-5th grade. Call Spindletop for specific questions regarding ECI. Please check out our Field Trip page for more information about programs.

​​May I smoke at the Museum?

There is no smoking or use of tobacco products of any kind permitted in the Museum. Smoking is allowed outside the Civic Center, no less than 20 feet from the entrance.

​​Where may I nurse my child?

As an institution that values children and mothers, you are welcome to nurse wherever you feel comfortable.  If you are in need of more privacy, speak with a museum staff member.

​​May I take photos at the Museum?

Yes, you are welcome to take as many photos of your family's experience at the Museum as you would like. If you post on social media, remember to tag @BeaumontChildren’sMuseum.

Please be respectful of other parents' rights to not have their child(ren) photographed.

​​Can I volunteer at the Museum?

Yes, we love working with our volunteers! For more information about our volunteer program please go to the volunteer tab.

​​Can I rent the museum facility for an event?

Yes! The museum facility is available to be rented for all types of events. Whether you'd like to book a full birthday party program or just rent space for a gathering we can assist you. For more information, go to the parties & events tab.

​​What do we offer for infants and toddlers?

There are many activities for young infants/toddlers at the Beaumont Children’s Museum. Tot Spot is an area specifically designed for toddlers ages 4 years and under. Older children will not be allowed in this area. This includes siblings older than 4 years of age.  We also have a large sensory area that allows children to explore with their 5 senses. 

​​What are your cleaning procedures? How do you prevent the spread of germs?

The Museum cleaning team consists of every staff member throughout the day; before hours, during the day, and after hours.

Disinfectant cleaning is done prior to the daily opening and consists of wiping down all surfaces throughout the museum. In addition, each evening a staff member vacuums and mops museum floors, and sanitizes restrooms.  All plastic toys, pretend food, blocks, balls, plastic cars/trucks, etc. are washed in the dishwasher for sanitation as needed throughout the day and each week. Staff members are required to consistently wash their hands and remind guests to use hand disinfectant located in various places throughout the museum.  ​


​​What are your policies for a sick child?

Staff carefully monitors activities to ensure the safety and health of all visitors, especially children within the Museum facility.  Adults have the responsibility of screening their children's health and ensuring that they play responsibly. If a situation arises where a child or adult becomes sick, observed to be in some distress, or in need of assistance, please report to a staff member immediately.  In the event that there is a need to clean up bodily fluids, this will be done immediately by a staff member.

​​How do you clean the Tot Spot?

The area is spray disinfected each day. Each Monday the exhibit is deep cleaned using a cleaning product designed specifically for the antimicrobial and antibacterial foam and phthalate-free cover.

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