Homeschool Workshops

The Beaumont Children's Museum has homeschool programs available for families who want to supplement their science, technology, engineering, art, and math curriculum.  Our workshops are tailored to K - 2nd and 3rd - 5th grade. These workshops include hands-on experiments and activities, social interaction with other students, and a fun way to bring to life what they are working on at home with you.  We hope you can join us for S.T.E.A.M. based lessons to help foster your kid's curiosity and discovery in support of what you are learning at home.



  • Individual Class - $12 each

  • Full Series of 7 Classes - $75

Grade and Class

  • Kinder through 2nd Grade or 3rd Grade through 5th Grade

  • Workshops will run on Wednesdays.

  • All classes are 60 minutes long and will start promptly at 1:00 PM.

  • Class costs include entrance into the museum for the participating student. If the guardian would like to play in the museum with any younger siblings, they will need to purchase an admission ticket or have a membership.

  • Class sizes will be 20 kids max.  


Class Details - Spring 2021

*still subject to change*

January 20 – Moon Adventures

During this class, students will be learning all about the moon through games, hands-on activities, and more!    These Earth and Space programs and activities are provided by the NISE Network Kits awarded to the museum through an annual grant process.

January 27 – Explore Our Solar System

During this class, students will spend time in our Starlab learning about the constellations and then do some follow-up hands-on activities to reinforce what they learned.  These Earth and Space programs and activities are provided by the NISE Network Kits awarded to the museum through an annual grant process.


February 3 – Brick by Brick

Join us for an exciting day with LEGOs by completing a variety of challenges that will get your child’s brain thinking like an engineer and using their creativity. 

February 10 – Dinosaur Discovery Part 1 

During this class, students will be learning about the dinosaurs that once roamed here in Texas. Students will also begin recreating these dinosaurs through the art of Paper Mache! 

February 17 – Dinosaur Discovery Part 2 (Cont.)

Students will finish their Paper Mache by adding more details and color to their dinosaur. All students must attend Part 1 to ensure they have already started their dinosaur project. 

February 24 – Let’s Build 

During this class, students will be constructing a birdhouse just in time for spring and a small tool bench. This is a great lesson to not only work on using some basic tools but also following step by step instructions to create their end products. 


March 3 – Challenging our Muscles and Brains 

Come get physically active and join Tiger-Rock Martial Arts for some fitness training and self-discipline. This class will not be split into two different age groups and will be held together as one.