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Maker Space is a facilitated workshop area within the museum where visitors make, create, tinker, invent, innovate, discover, and do so much more.


BCM activities and programs are S.T.E.A.M. powered: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math! These are key areas of learning that children need to be comfortable with as each area affects their life and their future. We want to expose children to S.T.E.A.M.  beginning at a very young age with the intent of setting a foundation for higher learning in their future.

In this facilitated space, children and youth will become participatory learners by uncovering their talents, needs, and interests by making, producing, solving, creating, collaborating and thinking.

Bring a group or class out to the museum or come by on most any Saturday for inquiry-based exploration! Activities will incorporate aspects of the many fields of science through experimentation, exposure to technological advancements, practice engineering concepts, and artistic design and invention. Begin discovering inner talents, creating ingenious inventions or up cycling something fun from the technology recycle bin! 

MakerSpace Saturdays - Workshops

Each 2nd and 4th Saturday, the museum will host a STEAM Workshop in our MakerSpace. Each weekend's subject will be different and may cost a small additional fee to cover supplies.  Each child is an additional fee of $3 only.   Adults become helping hands during the workshop.  Works shops start at 11AM or 2PM.

Aug 11: Circuits

Making paper circuits and Bug Bots.

Aug 22: Dino Day

Hatching Dinosaur Eggs.

(No Additional Fee)

Sept 8: Lego Challenges 

(No Additional Fee)

Sept 22: Time

Tell time without a watch.

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